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Federation of State Humanities Councils

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Promoting Advocacy and Driving Growth Through Innovative Design

SAI worked closely with the Federation of State Humanities Councils (FSHC) to convey the value of supporting the humanities through the creation of an intuitive, user-centered, completely redesigned website. Working within an accelerated timeline, our team designed, built and launched the new site within weeks—just in time for the 2015 National Humanities Conference, a major marketing and communications effort of the organization.

The result was an interactive experience that offers member councils a feature-rich suite of tools to aid in advocacy, education and outreach efforts—and to assist the public in understanding the value of supporting FSHC and its members.

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The website launched in October 2015 and was received very positively by members at the 2015 National Humanities Conference. The collective functionality of third-party plugins, custom features and innovative design create a user experience that is welcoming and helps to frame the issues, clearly conveying FSHC as a resource for learning more about the state humanities councils and their programs, as well as emphasizing its role of supporting and advocating for the councils.

"Our members are pleased with the new website’s design, facility of navigation, new features and information."
Esther Mackintosh
Federation of State Humanities Councils

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