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Does your website meet accessibility guidelines?

Whether your organization has been focused on digital accessibility for years, or you are just now discovering its importance, the legal, moral and business need to make your website accessible is more crucial than ever. Industries from healthcare to higher education are seeing web accessibility requirements enforced more often and more seriously.

It can be overwhelming to think about retrofitting or redesigning an entire website to be accessible. The good news is you can start making impactful progress immediately by partnering with SAI Digital.

The More You Know

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Conformance

At SAI Digital, we follow WCAG 2.1 Level AA, the standard of choice by the accessibility community, the U.S. Federal Government and the U.S. legal system, as our technical standard for web accessibility.

Our Accessibility Services

Accessibility Assessment

The goal of the evaluation is to identify where the website is not meeting WCAG AA and assess general accessibility best practices. We'll review your existing website(s) using a combination of manual evaluation and automated testing.


  • In-depth accessibility report documenting WCAG AA failures and major accessibility issues
  • Research and discovery of unique content and functionality that impact accessibility
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Accessibility Remediation Plan

The Remediation Plan is a comprehensive strategy for addressing the accessibility issues identified in the assessment. We consider your audience goals and technical limitations to find a solution that is both practical to implement and impactful for people who rely on accessibility to use the web.


  • Documentation of specific, actionable steps to solve all WCAG failures and major accessibility issues
  • A project timeline, governance model and outline of tools and skills needed to implement the changes
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Direct Services

If your organization does not have in-house resources dedicated to web accessibility, we can provide the services to implement the recommendations. Applying accessibility fixes involves collaboration among developers, designers and content strategists, and using an agency like SAI Digital connects you to professionals with broad expertise.


  • Direct development changes in the site or through a previously established workflow
  • Updates to the visual design, content and general user experience

Training & Support

Planning on implementing your accessibility recommendations in-house? We can provide support and guidance for your organization's IT or web team. From training your staff on best practices to filling in knowledge and resource gaps, we can help make the remediation plan more efficient and ultimately more successful.


  • General guidance, code samples, mockups and other deliverables as needed
  • Customized training—delivered onsite or remotely—designed specifically for your website and for the roles in your organization
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Ongoing Consulting and Maintenance

Accessibility is not something you do once and then forget about. Websites evolve over time as content and functionality change. As a result, accessibility should be an ongoing effort that involves coordination between people in different roles at an organization.


  • Training (remote, in-person or asynchronous) that is designed specifically for your website and for the different roles within your organization
  • Guides and reference materials that address the specific issues and general accessibility best practices
  • SAI Digital expertise as needed for evaluating new content and functionality



"SAI Digital took an in-depth dive into HCC’s website, examining all aspects of accessibility. They found, and fixed, far more than we expected, which puts the college on a solid foundation going forward."
Howard County Community College
Roger F. Stott, Web Enterprise Services Manager Howard Community College

Ready to invest in accessibility?

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