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Revenue Generation

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Your constituents expect to be able to do business with you online. No matter how your organization generates revenue – dues, donations, tuition, or sponsorships – friction is your enemy. The retail industry has spent billions of dollars making it painless to purchase goods and services online. They have also set the bar for digital customer service and brand interaction.

The good news is the investment by the private sector makes all these tools available to you. SAI Digital can help you develop a seamless experience that removes barriers, and results in more completed transactions.

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Will your association’s virtual event meet your members’ expectations?

An association’s events help to showcase the value of membership – critical content, networking with peers, influence on mission objectives, etc. A poorly run event can do just the opposite, eroding the trust of members, leaving them questioning the value of the organization.

Meet your members' virtual event expectations

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We know how rapid shifts in digital technology and people’s online behaviors are transforming the nonprofit sector. We’ll uncover opportunities for you to serve the greater good and improve the bottom line.

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