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Membership Growth & Retention

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Association membership is at a critical juncture. There are more competing sources of information and networking every day. Demand for high-quality digital experiences has never been stronger.

Member expectations begin with the experiences they have on their favorite digital platforms. SAI Digital can help you adopt the best practices used by these platforms to target, capture, grow, and retain your own member base. We work with you and perform additional research to learn not only what motivates your member groups, but how that changes over time. We help you understand what values to highlight at different points of the member journey. We also work with you to ensure that your digital interactions are frictionless, helping convert more first-time members and retain them.

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Mission Experience

When content, operations and values align to serve a higher purpose and meet the bottom line. People want to feel connected to organizations that share their values. Increasingly, those values are reflected not just in content or programs, but in every interaction with that organization – especially online.

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We know how rapid shifts in digital technology and people’s online behaviors are transforming the nonprofit sector. We’ll uncover opportunities for you to serve the greater good and improve the bottom line.

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