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Measurement & Impact

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Understanding the impact made by your digital activities is critical to your organization’s success. Gone are the days of vanity metrics like “visits”, “pageviews”, “likes”, and “favorites”. Today’s best practices should tell you how much revenue your digital programs have generated, how many new constituents you’ve brought on board, and through what channels.

At SAI Digital, accountability is the foundation of our practice. We start every project by first understanding the impact it will have on your organization. We then identify the KPIs that will help us measure success. We work toward the metrics that matter most to you – member retention, donor recurrence, student enrollment – and tie them to the digital metrics that drive the desired outcomes. We help you track and assess your progress toward your goals and incorporate digital metrics into your recurring business reporting.

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We know how rapid shifts in digital technology and people’s online behaviors are transforming the nonprofit sector. We’ll uncover opportunities for you to serve the greater good and improve the bottom line.

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