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Donor Engagement

Volunteers cleaning up litter

Donor engagement begins with your first interaction. Each subsequent touch point either reinforces the relationship or chips away at it. Donors invest their time and resources for different reasons. Understanding what motivates them will aid you in building compelling stories that lead them to act.

SAI Digital works with you and performs additional research to learn not only what motivates your donor groups, but how that changes over time. We help you understand which stories are likely to resonate at different points of the donor engagement cycle. We also work with you to ensure that your digital interactions are frictionless, helping convert more first-time donors to recurring donors.

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Shifting Your Focus From Donor Engagement to Donor Involvement

Authenticity means everything at a time when in-person interactions are impossible.

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We know how rapid shifts in digital technology and people’s online behaviors are transforming the nonprofit sector. We’ll uncover opportunities for you to serve the greater good and improve the bottom line.

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