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William Peace University

Authentic photography, compelling video footage and modular design elements create a dynamic, immersive experience for the Gen Z audience.
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Learning the Visual Language of Generation Z

Using a trove of photography and video footage, deriving interesting faculty and student profiles and redesigning the entire layout, our collaboration with the WPU team resulted in an engaging digital experience that tells their story—in seconds. From embedded video on academic program pages, to driving home the connection to Raleigh throughout the site, the redesigned is a journey through the student experience.

William Peace University website on desktop, tablet and mobile

Balancing "Show" and "Tell"

When we started sketching out ideas with the dynamic WPU leadership team, there was no talk of lengthy sections of text. Our client placed a strong focus on use of video, photography and social media integration, allowing the most important messages and calls to action to stand out.

  • Example  - interactive quiz, Find Your Passion
  • Example webpage - Program Finder
  • Example - Academic Program page
  • Example - Peace TV videos and Flickr feed

Connecting with Alumni

The university’s shift from a women’s institution to a co-educational school presented challenges in connecting with alumni. We created engaging alumni pages to connect legacy alumni and the institution’s current demographic.

The Peace-Raleigh Connection

The city of Raleigh is an integral part of the Peace brand. Engaging visual elements and tie-ins throughout the site highlight the rich history of WPU in the vibrant place it's always called home.

  • WPU and Raleigh
  • Example photo of downtown Raleigh
  • Example quote from President
  • Example - WPU At-A-Glance

The Results

The new Peace website was built with a focus on attracting and engaging prospective students. The site was designed using a mobile-first approach to create an optimal user experience across all devices. It was also deployed on the easy-to-use and scalable WordPress web content management system to provide a flexible platform for future growth. Since the redesign, WPU has had its largest open house turnout in college history and received a prestigious CASE award.

"The new site does an outstanding job of representing the dynamic and engaging environment of William Peace University. We provide incredible learning opportunities to our students and the new site captures that."
William Peace University
Dr. Brian C. Ralph, President William Peace University

This Website was Honored by:

CASE District 3