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Creating a new home on the web for K-12 education software company Performance Matters to help drive business, referrals and to reinforce credibility.
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Meeting Modern Challenges in K-12 Education

The need for a total website redesign arose after the merger of two leading K-12 educational software companies. The new Performance Matters tasked SAI Digital with creating a new website for the Utah-based company. We identified opportunities to tell the Performance Matters story in a way that would help the growing organization stand out in a dense market. The SAI Digital team proposed a solution that combined thoughtful content strategy with modular visual design. Through at-a-glance statistics and infographics, increased scannability to guide user engagement and enhanced product pages, the new site more clearly shows the benefits of the products and speaks directly to target audiences. We also took advantage of the client's body of proprietary research, incorporating facts and figures throughout the site to lend credibility to their important work in education. 

Value in Powerful Visuals

A series of unique, animated visual components including graphics, statistics and brand messages helped answer the question "Why Performance Matters?" while establishing credibility in a crowded marketplace.

  • Why Performance Matters
  • Product Statistics
  • Tabbed Content with Custom Graphics
  • Animated Bar Graph of Benefits

Case Studies

In K-12 education, a testimonial from a school system or a quote from a superintendent can go a long way. Our approach to revamping the case studies section of the website was focused on showing, not telling, the benefits of a partnership with Performance Matters by telling great stories in an accessible format. We eliminated the PDF case studies and developed a brand new template designed to blend seamlessly with the new website. The case study template featured a customizable map to show the product's national reach, easier-to-scan statistics, and a spot for a featured quote.

before and after performance matters case study

The Results

Effectively communicating the brand's credibility, national reach and scope of services, the site has become an integral marketing tool for Performance Matters sales efforts.

“Our new website helps to differentiate us from our competitors and showcase our products in a way that better resonates with our audiences. It was a pleasure working with SAI Digital."
Matt McGhie, Vice President of Marketing Performance Matters