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Johns Hopkins University Campus Safety and Security

Delivering safety information to the community at Johns Hopkins University, the new Campus Safety and Security website is a modern, mobile-responsive resource for students and parents.
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Delivering the Message of Campus Safety

Campus safety is a top concern for many students and their parents, and the former version of the Campus Safety and Security website did little to assuage the fears of those interested in enrollment at the urban campus. In addition to technical adjustments such as optimizing for mobile and improving functionality, the redesigned site conveys the University's commitment to safety and addresses potential concerns in a direct, compassionate way. The new site features updated crime statistics, crime prevention tips and educational material highlighting JHU's commitment to student safety for current and prospective students and their parents.

JHU Campus Safety and Security website on desktop and mobile

Research-guided Design

Our approach to redesign projects starts and ends with research. Peer evaluation of similar higher education campus safety microsites was an integral element of the research process that informed our design. Drawing inspiration from effective peer examples, we developed a working prototype of the new website. The wireframes, which are structural representations of the future site and contain limited visual design, provide a foundation from which to collaborate and work through the specific details of the site.

Creating a Community of Safety

The new site includes a robust collection of crime prevention tips for students living on the urban campus, connections to safety resources in Baltimore and a core message of shared responsibility in promoting campus safety at the University. We also developed a “New to Hopkins” landing page to further affirm JHU’s commitment to student safety for incoming students and their parents.

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  • Example webpage
  • Example of webpage linking to different resources
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The Results

The redesigned website is fully responsive and prominently displays important phone numbers, announcements and apps that help keep students safe. Photography of safety officers working with students help promote a sense of security and confidence that is critical for prospective students and their parents when considering enrollment at Johns Hopkins University.

"The staff at SAI Digital provided consistent, professional guidance throughout the entire web design process for JHU Security. Their commitment to quality was evident in all phases of the project ... The end product has received great reviews."
Johns Hopkins University
Steve Moffett, Campus Police Lieutenant JHU Campus Safety & Security