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Howard Community College

Helping students find a clear path to their unique areas of interest was achieved through improved information architecture and navigation.
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Highlighting the Possibilities of an HCC Education

When students arrived at the former Howard Community College website, it was unclear how to find important information or how to complete essential tasks, such as registering for classes or paying tuition, causing a confusing user experience. The redesigned site includes intuitive navigation, compelling calls to action and a new "Find Your Path" toolbar on the homepage to enable direct access to admissions, academics and tuition, and financial aid information. 

Howard Community College website on desktop and mobile

Identifying a Path for All Audiences

Consolidating multiple websites into a single, multifunctional web presence was a key objective of the project. The challenge was to address the large number of audiences that HCC serves, including undergraduate students, individuals interested in GEDs or ESL courses, adult learners taking continuing education courses for professional development, or community members taking classes for lifelong learning opportunities.

  • Example of navigation
  • Example of programs and courses
  • Example webpage for Academics
  • Example of webpage for Continuing Education

Creating a Draw: Why HCC?

Conveying the quality, value and benefits of an HCC education was achieved through authentic photography, engaging news content and rich brand messaging.

  • Why HCC list
  • HCC Student Union
  • Example photo - HCC student at graduation
  • Example callout - Quality education built on value

The Results

A key goal of the website redesign initiative was to clearly market the college’s programs and services, and to highlight the college as a best choice for both traditional and nontraditional students. The site now provides a mobile-optimized experience and streamlined navigation to simplify access to courses, cost information, financial aid, scholarships and events. The separate credit and noncredit program websites were combined into one unified web presence creating a seamless experience for site visitors and a clear view into all that HCC has to offer. The new site also highlights the college’s many community activities, including the Horowitz Visual & Performing Arts Center.

This Website was Honored by:

Case District 2 Award