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Food Research & Action Center

Connecting website visitors to a cause, and connecting children in need with resources to thrive.
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Connecting Visitors to Causes They Care About

Our client, Food Research & Action Center (FRAC), is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization that connects with many different audiences, including a plethora of political activists, researchers and advocates. Driving support for their cause of ending poverty-driven hunger and malnutrition requires a powerful, effective web presence. The redesign of their website focused on improving functionality and presenting content in more visually engaging ways that articulate the mission and values of the organization. 

FRAC website on desktop and mobile

A Searchable Library Helps Users

FRAC's audience includes nutrition advocates, lobbyists, researchers and policymakers who look for information about statistics and information related to obesity, hunger, poverty, government programs and legislation. The creation of a sort-and-filter resource library, displayed below a customized toolbar, allows users to easily find information by sorting by resource type, topic and keyword. Using the library, users can share and download fact sheets, reports, toolkits and other materials that help support FRAC's mission to promote health and nutrition for all populations.

  • Example photo of students at lunch
  • FRAC Resource Library
  • FRAC Resource Library search and filter options
  • Example photo of smiling elementary student at lunch

Providing Clear Pathways for Advocates to Get Involved

In the fast-paced environment of Washington, D.C., where policy shifts can happen overnight and decision makers constantly seek up-to-the-minute information, nonprofit websites must frequently update content to stay relevant. The new FRAC homepage is a dynamic platform for sharing news, events, publications and ready-to-share social media content that is both engaging and informative. The addition of infographics to the homepage helps to convey the severity of the issue of child hunger, and the reduction of text into shorter, more impactful statements quickly engages website visitors and clearly presents the most important information.

  • Interactive toolkit - What Providers Need to Know
  • Success Story, School Breakfast: Making it Work in Large School Districts
  • Example - Recent publications links to articles
  • Example - Screening for Food Insecurity steps

The Results

The new FRAC website features a modern, visually appealing design with an improved user experience. With intuitive navigation, user-friendly search functionality and frequent calls to action, SAI Digital built a website that gives FRAC a strong foundation for advancing their cause and highlighting developments and announcements related to their mission.