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Eno Center for Transportation

Placing an emphasis on thought leadership and increased member participation led to creative solutions in this completely reimagined web presence.
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Establishing Credibility with Thought Leadership

Improved navigation highlighted Eno Transportation Center's vital role in influencing and shaping transportation policy in Washington, and incorporating compelling thought leadership content to the forefront of the new site affirmed the brand's value-add to current and prospective members.

Example of Eno Center for Transportation homepage

Moving Toward Mobile

Not only was Eno's former site not mobile-responsive, the bulk of news and communications were sent via email newsletters as large file attachments. We helped break down content into more consumable, user-friendly formats on the new website.

  • Example mobile screens
  • Example webpage - In the News
  • Example webpage - Eno working groups
  • Example webpage - Featured courses

The Results

Eno’s new website launched in September 2015 to resounding praise from members and industry insiders. The Eno website enjoyed a huge spike in traffic after the launch and a 27% drop in bounce rate. The member-focused responsive design and suite of new features has had a dramatic impact on Eno’s user engagement. The new website has driven more people to the website on both desktop and mobile devices, and the enhanced user experience is keeping them on the site longer.

  • 155% Increase in unique page views
  • 72% of users average 10+ seconds on each page
  • 69% increase in mobile traffic