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Anne Arundel County Government

Focusing on primary user tasks and key destinations within the site was imperative to creating a user experience that served multiple distinct audiences.
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Navigating Anne Arundel County, simplified.

Featuring broader self-service functionality, improved search for programs, easy-to-find contact information and more straightforward pathways to information, the new website was designed with Anne Arundel County residents, businesses and visitors in mind. The dynamic homepage features user-generated photography and improved navigation to help users find and complete key tasks. A responsive website template delivers an improved user experience across all devices, and integrated social media helps visitors stay up-to-date with the latest news and events throughout the region.

Anne Arundel County homepage on desktop and mobile

User-centered Navigation and Improved Functionality

The dynamic new homepage features a prominent search bar, large icons for primary tasks and an immediate list of quick links for visitors to find important information within seconds. We identified primary user tasks through audience surveys and usability testing to improve the site’s functionality and user experience.

  • Anne Arundel County Homepage
  • Anne Arundel County main navigation
  • Anne Arundel County program finder
  • Anne Arundel County service overview

Focused on Feedback

Usability testing was a major driver for our design of the Anne Arundel County website’s architecture and functionality. We conducted one-on-one usability tests with county residents and received survey responses from more than 1,000 participants to better understand how the site’s multiple audience search and browse the site.

The Results

The award-winning new Anne Arundel County website has welcomed more than 130,000 new visitors since launching in February 2016. The newly responsive site saw its largest increase in mobile traffic, presumably due to the ease of use on phones. While sessions and pageviews continue to increase, pages per session and average session duration are decreasing, indicating that users are finding information more quickly.

  • 28% Increase in Sessions
  • 30% Increase in Mobile Usage
  • 130,000+ New Users

This Website was Honored by:

Best of Web 2016 award Web Award 2016