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Ed Neenan

Digital Marketing Strategist

Pragmatism can be powerful. Simplicity can be sexy. That’s how Ed sees things. Because technology evolves faster than humans do, marketing strategy and great user experiences will always have a special place in Ed’s heart and mind. A marketer and award-winning songwriter, Ed enjoys applying both the left and right sides of his brain, whatever the challenge.

How do we get from here to there…and beyond? Mapping out the end-to-end process is what drives Ed. For nearly 25 years in integrated marketing—15 in higher education marketing—Ed has developed and applied best practices in both the pre-digital and ever-digital space, focusing on branding challenges, lead acquisition tactics, client relationship pathways, and new media adaptation. He starts by turning quantitative research into actionable strategies. In addition to higher education, Ed also has a marketing track record in the retail, healthcare, non-profit, and B2B space.

“Ensuring that brand is on point, that the user can accomplish what they’ve actually come to do in the digital space, and that all the touch points along the journey stay connected and have value are absolutely essential,” Ed maintains. Honing in on what distinguishes a client and leveraging this information in various ways to strengthen their brand is what really makes him tick. As a key addition to SAI Digital, Ed’s marketing expertise is deployed to develop strategies that maximize our clients’ brands and their users’ experiences throughout the relationship life cycle. Ed holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications.

Ed was a key member of UMBC’s CASE Gold Award Winning marketing team for their “Super Heroes” undergraduate multimedia recruitment campaign.


  • Integrated Marketing Strategy
  • End-to-end Customer Journey
  • Analytics, SEO, and CRM
  • Lead Acquisition
  • Copy/Content Writing
  • Brand Building and Support

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