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Obstacles to Action on Association Websites

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Successful association websites provide a quality user journey for all visitors — members, non-members, and stakeholders. However, many websites underperform. Here are the key three areas that can put your site on the right track.

Time to Engagement

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No matter how great your site looks, if it loads slowly, isn’t mobile responsive, or if prospective members can’t immediately find what they are looking for you can lose them for good.

You have 3 seconds or less to engage your visitor. Abandonment occurs between 3 and 8 seconds, impacting membership and revenue.

And since any page can be a landing page for a visitor, all pages must employ...

  • Easily scannable content
  • Intuitive user–centric design
  • Clear calls to action (CTA)
  • Fully functioning links and media

Pathways for All Users

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Whether it’s an existing member, prospective member, or member of the association’s staff, ensuring a successful website journey for all users is essential.

Especially for new users, guide them in an intuitive way that lets them tell you who they are and why they are visiting your site or a specific area within it. Demonstrate your value.

Good User Experience (UX) design includes…

  • Predetermined audience pathways
  • Intuitive navigation menus
  • Sophisticated search functions
  • Buttons/links to aid navigation

Evolving Content

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If we’ve learned anything from social media its that your web content must change and evolve to stay relevant to your audiences. New and existing members rely on your website as a trusted resource, so relevance is imperative.

Proper website governance requires regular content audits. Done correctly, it also helps improve SEO to bump search rankings while strengthening your brand. Your association’s membership and revenue is at risk, so be sure to…

  • Know and engage ALL audiences
  • Regularly evaluate and update your content 
  • Budget properly for regular upgrades

Not sure how healthy your website is? Need to take a deeper dive into its performance? Let's discuss your association and identify how to optimize your site. Contact us to discuss this blog post or to learn more about adding SAI Digital's services as an extension of your team. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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