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Leveraging Geofencing in Higher Ed Marketing

Geofencing is fast emerging as a digital marketing tactic that elevates integrated marketing strategies. This is especially true in higher education. We'll show you how to leverage it and strengthen your recruitment and branding efforts.

The Geofencing Playbook

Learn how to successfully add geofencing as part of your overall integrated outreach marketing strategy. With geofencing your recruitment and brand marketing can reach more targeted niche audiences. From new undergrads, to transfer students, to professional graduate students, if you know where these prospects congregate you can geofence them and serve ads specific to their interests and your programs.

Here's a look at what's inside:

  • How geofencing works
  • A cost-effective and granular tactic
  • Supporting your current marketing with geofencing
  • Possible use cases for recruitment
  • Performance data from actual student recruitment campaigns

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