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Holiday Thanks: The Tools and Technologies that Make SAI Digital Tick

Thanksgiving Scenery with Digital Devices
November 17, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! It's not hard to see why this is a favorite holiday for many. Delicious food, exciting football (depending who your team is), quality time with family, and hey, a day off work to relax and spend time with the people who matter most. Regardless of how you enjoy the holiday, Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on what you're thankful for. This year, the SAI Digital team is giving thanks for technologies new and old and the way they help us function productively each day.

What tools and technologies are SAI Digital team members thankful for? Find out!

Teddy Karambelas

Web Development Team Lead

I'm thankful for automated tools that help us create better experiences for users and better products for our clients. Two tools that have been the most helpful this year are SiteImprove and Google Analytics. SiteImprove helps us easily identify potential accessibility issues. Google Analytics is continuously improving to help us generate robust reports and track user interactions. These tools allow us to do our jobs more efficiently.

Rachel Cashen

Content Strategist

This Thanksgiving I am taking the time to be grateful for all the conveniences that technology offers me as a working mom. I am thankful for the revolution that is "touch ID" as I am forever forgetting my passwords. I am also very thankful for online grocery shopping and curbside pickup, Starbucks mobile ordering, a premium Spotify account to keep me going throughout the day, and Amazon's next-day delivery. Together, these apps help me keep my life as balanced and organized as possible!

Colin Clotworthy

I am most grateful for the Apple Podcast app for allowing me to listen to podcasts like "Responsive Web Design" and "SaaStr" to help me stay up to date with the latest trends in web design and customer success. And when I'm not listening to podcasts, I'm listening to my favorite tunes on Spotify to help me concentrate and keep my focus throughout a busy day.

Sarah McVicker

Web Developer

I am thankful for Slack, which allows for quick team communication and sharing of files, code snippets, and gifs of course. With everything organized and on topic I spend less time searching emails or tracking down a coworker and more time writing code.

Timothy Quinlan

User Experience Strategist

I am thankful for the tools and resources out there that help make the web accessible for everyone. I rely on the free screen reader NVDA to test websites so people who are blind and low vision have access to the same content as other users. I regularly sign up for free webinars from accessibility experts and organizations who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with others. 3Play Media has been producing especially great webinars about video accessibility, as well as legal updates and requirements. SiteImprove is still our preferred accessibility checker whenever possible, but their free Accessibility Checker Chrome extension is a lifesaver for clients who don't subscribe to the full service.

Dustin Miller

Senior Front-end Developer

I am grateful for SASS which allows us to easily manage our CSS and update it when there are changes and tweaks to be made. This means faster development, and revisions, more efficient QA, and shorter timelines. Though, LESS coffee... 

Jessica Hensley

Senior UX Architect and Designer

I am thankful for time-saving, design enhancing tools like WebAIM's Color Contrast checker which help make my visual designs accessible right from the start and icon fonts like Font Awesome and Google's Material icon which save myself and the developers loads of time and pixels. I'm also thankful for Pandora providing the soundtrack to all of my work and always knowing just what I need to hear to spark creative energy. And, most importantly, I'm thankful for dark chocolate.

Lindsey Gemmill

Web/UX Designer

I am thankful for social sharing websites for creatives - like Dribbble, Behance, Pinterest, Medium, Muzli, and more! It's kind of a never-ending list - but I love being able to see, save and share with other creatives what is trending and what is fizzling out. Being able to constantly be in the know and recap throughout the day—even if I'm walking my puppers—always keeps me thinking of new ways to approach a design. A minor addiction, maybe, but I wouldn't be able to do my job without checking in with other creatives to see what they're up to.

Mark Dabrowski

VP, SAI Digital Practice

I’m thankful for online collaboration/screen sharing technology–everything from classics like WebEx to Google Hangouts and Skype. These tools, plus a webcam, really do a great job of removing geography as a barrier and make it very easy to communicate and collaborate with clients or team members across the country or across the globe. Not that I don’t enjoy travel, but I’ll take a virtual meeting over flying to Boston in February for a one-hour meeting any day.

Jeanne Ivy

Director of User Experience

I’m thankful for new and improved prototyping tools such as Axure, InVision, Sketch, and Adobe XD, because they allow us to collaborate with our clients on initial concepts. We can test our prototypes with target audiences and quickly iterate through improvements before design and development. Prototyping creates a better end result and saves time (and with three active kids I could use all the extra time I can get!)

Matt Weigl

Senior Director, Business Development

With all the travel and meetings that take place in a given day or week meeting potential Digital clients, I'm thankful for tools like Slack. In many ways it's become almost like an intranet for our organization, but it's also an incredible option for quick information in my fast-paced day answering questions for prospective clients. Slack (combined with the will of my amazing team) seems to never fail... when a call, email, or even text, doesn't reach someone on my team, I can generally bank on the fact that I'll get a quick response that I need to keep a prospective client conversation moving forward. Couldn't be as productive as I am without it!

From all of us at SAI Digital, Happy Thanksgiving!

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