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Diagnosing Mission Experience Imbalance

Successful organizations apply strategies that balance their content, their operations, and their values. When one or more of these areas becomes the focus at the expense of others, the system becomes unbalanced. This erodes the perceived value of the organization and causes stakeholders to lose affinity over time.

Use the Plus Icons to see how misalignment can alter an experience.
Values Operations
See how misalignment can alter an experience:

Content Focus

Organization generates a wealth of content, but accessing it is difficult
Result: Constituents can’t find information they need and seek it elsewhere

Operations Focus

Organization’s digital presence is owned by one internal group, limiting the scope and capabilities to that group’s interest
Result: Constituents don’t engage because the digital experience is dated or not inclusive

Values Focus

Organization has prioritized too many strategic initiatives but lack the resources to execute them all successfully
Result: Constituents buy into the vision but are disappointed by the execution

What's your mission experience?

“Working with SAI has been different from our experience working with other creative and marketing agencies, in the best possible way. The team’s Mission Experience focus was a unique approach that helped us think about our website in terms of the impact it would have on prospective students and our brand objectives.”
Better Growth Starts with a Better Mission Experience.
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